In the same way Lil Nas X rewrote country music when a Twitter exchange led to one of the most streamed collaborations in recent memory, the Atlanta rapper has taken to Twitter again to announce his next star-studded collab.


Tell us no more. Just give us the music.

You might remember the phenomenal success story of 12-year-old Mason Ramsey who, back in March of 2018, was filmed singing a cover of Hank Williams’ ‘Lovesick Blues’. Earlier this month the ‘Yodeling Walmart kid’ released his track ‘Twang’; the video shows him endeavouring to win over a girl twice his height who says Ramsey “reminds her of a little Hank.”

Now Mason Ramsey is playing in the big leagues with his feature on the latest remix of Lil Nas X’s global hit with Young Thug.

Lyrics to Mason Ramsey’s feature in ‘Old Town Road’:

[Bridge: Mason Ramsey with Lil Nas X]
Hold up, let me tell y’all somethin’
You can’t tell me nothin’
Can’t nobody tell me nothin’
You can’t tell me nothin’

[Verse 4: Mason Ramsey]
Hop up in my RZR, got a thousand acres
Ride up on the cows with it, pray that it don’t faze her
Aye-o, aye-o, yippee-o ki-yay
If you ain’t got no giddy up then giddy out my way

Weird flex with the RZR, right? But it makes sense. Lil Nas X has a horse, Billy Ray Cyrus has a Maserati; so the reference to a $1200 Razor scooter and livestock is a perfect for this 12-year-old cowboy wunderkind.

Listen to  ‘Old Town Road’ ft. Young Thug & Mason Ramsey below:

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‘Old Town Road’ has now been number one on the Billboard Top 100 for 14 weeks in a row.

Earlier this month, the chart-topping musician used the last day of Pride Month to come out, revealing the news to fans by asking them to listen to the lyrics of his song ‘C7osure (You Like)’ closely.

He then stopped by the BBC studios to talk about his recent decision to come out, and some of the backlash he has received for it. Watch that interview below.