MCP is an act shrouded by mystery. The Sydney 3-piece progressive-electronic group make haunting, spacey electronic music that’ll have you feeling like you’ve been thrust into that nightmarish Willy Wonka tunnel of terror scene.

Today, the band unleash their debut singles ‘Vantablack’ and ‘Dwam’. Vantablack, a 6-minute synthwave odyssey is nothing short of oblivion-inducing. There’s some kind of sample soundtracking a trip to the moon, it’s wacky and wonderful.

Whilst ‘Dwam’ is indebted in the sonic realms of mid-80s and early-90s video games. There’s a really menacing sample of what sounds like a meditative breathing exercise that gave me the heebie jeebies, but it fucks hard.

Check out ‘Dwam’ by MCP:

“We approach these songs and our musical influences more so through movies and video games of the Mid-Late 80’s and early 90’s rather than actual band influences,” the band explain. “Movies such as ‘The Last Star Fighter’,’ Flight of the Navigator’, Willow and John Carpenters ‘Big Trouble in little China’, combined with distant memories of late nights eating cheese pizza at the local arcade has become our canvas in which we have pulled from”.

If you were the kind of loner kid that spent their salad days obsessing over Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds‘, this is for you.

We truly do not know anything about this band, but we know for certain that they’ve come in hot with one of the strongest debut’s we’ve heard in a while. The kind of shit that makes me want to don a Canadian tuxedo and dig through my parents garage in the hopes of unearthing my 1989 Gameboy.

MCP are set to drop the music video for ‘Vantablack’ on August 21st, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Check out ‘Vantablack’ by MCP: