An old video of a person crashing a dirtbike has resurfaced on Twitter and people are saying the rider is Meek Mill.

An old video of a person taking a dirtbike for a wheelie before bouncing off the back of a parked car has resurfaced on Twitter. The joke is that every time this video comes back, people say it’s Meek Mill and proceed to make fun of how whimsical and childish he is.

It’s not Meek Mill though, please don’t misunderstand.

“meek mill is so unserious”

Meek Mill appears to have old shit brought up on Twitter from time to time, as before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, old pictures of him wearing fatigues came back to life before getting thoroughly roasted.

In a post from 2018, Meek Mill is seen wearing army fatigues with the caption, “We don’t negotiate with terrorist!” Now, people are going back to interact with the Tweet after four years since it was posted.

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Most of the reactions are jesting that Meek Mill should be the first person drafted before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. With the events in Eastern Europe and Ukraine occurring at the time, many people were scared at the prospect of World War III and were likely channeling their fears in the form of jest at Meek Mill’s old Tweet.

Here are what Twitter users are saying on the matter.

@onikaslegend tagged the Kremlin and Russia’s Twitter account, letting them know that Meek is ready for war.

@MintChip04 points out that if Meek Mill wants to stand by his words this is his chance to prove himself and that there’s no better time than now.

This person isn’t even joking, they legitimately think Meek should be the first one to go in the event of a draft.

@youngboyheavy says, “Meek mill ready to fight for us [praying hands emoji] [praying hands emoji].” They appear to be grateful that Meek Mill looks so ready to fight.

This person also wanted to express their attitude to Meek, letting him know how much safer they feel with Meek fighting in their stead.

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