Melbourne is set to become home to a new statue of iconic INXS frontman Michael Hutchence.

Back in September, it was revealed that ahead of his induction into the Age Music Victoria Hall of Fame, a statue of Molly Meldrum was being unveiled in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond.

Located behind the iconic Corner Hotel, it was viewed by many as an appropriate location to place a tribute to one of Aussie music’s most recognisable figures. Now, it seems it’s about to be joined by a life-sized statue of Michael Hutchence.

Check out INXS’ ‘New Sensation’:

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As The Age reported, City of Yarra mayor Danae Bosler explained that this new project has the support of Hutchence’s family, and seems set to go ahead in 2019.

“Michael Hutchence is a true Australian music legend, and it’s a compliment his family has looked to the City of Yarra as the home for his statue,” Cr Bosler explained.

“The City of Yarra has a proud history of cultivating and championing local music, and is the home to some of Australia’s top live music venues, so we’re especially honoured his family saw Yarra as a good fit.”

Supported by the likes of The Superjesus’ Sarah McLeod, Michael Hutchence’s sister Tina explains that the statue is an overwhelming honour for his family.

“Michael loved Melbourne and most of his best friends still live there,” she explained. “I am elated the City of Yarra are taking steps to honour my brother’s global legacy.

“I honestly don’t know how to express my gratitude and absolute joy and relief right now.”

Check out INXS’ ‘Need You Tonight’:

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While it’s certainly a fitting tribute for one of the most iconic frontmen in Australian music, it’s begun to raise a question amongst some fans; why Melbourne?

Born in Sydney, and having lived in Perth, California, and London throughout his life, Michael Hutchence was certainly a well-travelled individual, though his connection to Melbourne isn’t quite as strong as the statue may indicate.

Don’t get us wrong though, it’s wonderful to see some of Australia’s most famous musicians being recognised, but maybe a tribute to Hutchence would be better suited to his native Sydney? Maybe Melbourne could be getting a statue of the recently-inducted Age Music Victoria Hall of Famer Chrissy Amphlett instead?

Whatever the case, it’s a well-deserved honour, and it seems like Melbourne’s status as a global music destination is undoubtedly set to continue. Here’s hoping for many more musical tributes in the future!

Check out INXS’ ‘Don’t Change’:

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