Melbourne’s Soft Powder (that is, producer Andy Szetho) has unveiled his latest stellar single, sharing the resonant ‘Close Your Eyes’ today.

Having last released new music by way of recent single ‘Running Through The Dark’, Soft Powder has once again harnessed the beauty of ethereal soundscapes to craft a track that is as gorgeous as it is emotionally powerful, with ‘Close Your Eyes’ serving as one of his most immersive tracks to date.

Taken from his highly-anticipated debut album, Somewhere Like Paradise, ‘Close Your Eyes’ sees Soft Powder drawing the listener into a liminal space which allows them to experience everything from relief to euphoria and release. It’s a powerful world curated by this track, with ‘Close Your Eyes’ specifically putting its focus onto feelings of tension and uncertainty.

“The song is about finding yourself at a crossroads where you could either surrender to the temptation of wallowing in negative thoughts and memories, or you could embrace the positivity and beauty around you, allowing yourself to become consumed by these feelings of bliss,” explains Szetho.

“It’s about ‘closing your eyes’ and momentarily escaping this negative headspace and letting go of the tension.”

Equal parts emotive, immersive, and wrapped up in a constant level of intrigue, ‘Close Your Eyes’ showcases just how resonant Soft Powder’s work has become in recent times. A track that stays with you for days after you’ve first heard it, ‘Close Your Eyes’ is the sort of invitation you need to remind yourself that everything is okay, and that there is a possible world out there, free from the negativity that resides in our headspaces.

Soft Powder’s ‘Close Your Eyes’ is officially released on Friday, March 25th, while new album Somewhere Like Paradise will be released on Friday, April 8th.

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Check out ‘Close Your Eyes’ by Soft Powder:

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