We’ve been given some great mashups lately, but this Metallica and My Chemical Romance one takes the cake in combining the best of emo tunes with gruff, metal vocals.

Last week, we introduced you to the mashup you didn’t even know that you needed: ‘You Oughta Know’ by Alanis Morissette and ‘Would’ by Alice In Chains as ‘You Would Know’ by Alanis In Chains.

Prior to that, we showed you what happens when you mix Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Bulls On Parade’ with the Bee Gees’ ‘Stayin’ Alive’.

Now, we give you the stylings of Metallica and My Chemical romance in a new mashup called My Chemical ‘Tallica, combining ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ with ‘Master Of Puppets’.

Titled ‘Welcome To The Black Parade But It’s Master Of Puppets’ was created by YouTube-r William Maranci, the man who also brought us the brilliance of ‘Freddie Mercury Rides A Rollercoaster‘.

Described as “emo thrash”, the new mashup sees the iconic piano notes of My Chemical Romance’s talented fingers with the gruff vocals of James Hetfield tossed on top.

At first, the layering of Hetfield’s low and rumbly voice on top of the sweet, sorrowful tunes curated by producer Rob Cavallo for My Chemical Romance is almost a bit too abrasive to begin with.

But, as soon as the intro is over, and the first verse comes into play, the combination comes together in a magical way, forcing Hetfield to fit into the groove of ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ and it’s beat.

You can give it a listen for yourself below, and let us know what your interpretation is. Would you be keen to see them mash the tune together in real life? To be honest, we’d just settle for some rescheduled My Chemical Romance dates, as we feel a bit bummed that their headlining appearance at Download Festival was cancelled.

Check out ‘Welcome To The Black Parade But It’s Master Of Puppets’ by My Chemical ‘Tallica: