Miguel has caused controversy after implying that US President Donald Trump should have been killed instead of late rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Late last month, the music world was shocked to learn that Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist Nipsey Hussle had been gunned down in front of his Los Angeles store.

While police later revealed they had arrested a suspect in the shooting, many found themselves trying to come to terms with his untimely and senseless murder.

However, fellow musician Miguel has taken to social media to ask a controversial question to his legions of followers.

Originally sharing as a video on his Instagram story before being shared to his main account, Miguel posted a clip of him wearing a shirt that simply read “How Nipsey before Trump?”

Check out Miguel’s controversial video:

While many of Miguel’s have lauded him for seemingly supporting a violent end for Donald Trump, others have criticised him for not showing his support to the US President, and for using Nipsey Hussle’s passing as a platform for such a message.

“I know it’s your job to provoke and get people’s attention, but standing on Nip’s grave just to take a shot at our president….unreal,” wrote Instagram user ljguelli.

However, as another commenter on the Instagram video tried to explain, Miguel’s message is more of a metaphorical one than a violent one.

“How does someone like Nipsey’s life get taken before someone like Trump,” asked Instagram user awaken_love_within. “It’s a million Nipseys and a million trumps…. all around us.”

“It’s clear the Nipseys are wise loving spirits that bless the earth BUT THEIR [sic] ALL BEING KILLED. And all the evil spirited money driven Trumps are running the place. ‘Or trying to at least’.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Miguel has hit back at Donald Trump, speaking to The Guardian back in 2017 to reveal his album War & Leisure was inspired by the President.

“You see us on the brink of nuclear war over Twitter,” he explained. “Or the rise of the far right in Germany and France.”

“So my whole mindset for the album is: what are we supposed to do caught in the middle of this? We’re at the brink of complete war and complete pleasure, at all times, every day.”

In related news, the city of Los Angeles recently revealed that they were set to rename an intersection in South Los Angeles after Nipsey Hussle, with the honour being bestowed thanks to his tireless community work.

“Ermias Asghedom, known as ‘Nipsey Hussle,’ was an icon and West Coast hero,” councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson explained in a statement. “Nipsey’s genuine nature allowed him to be a light to everyone he interacted with, from family, friends, fans and his larger community.”

“As a father, brother and son, Nipsey was a rock helping to build an empire that will continue through generations.”

“Nipsey will always be remembered for delivering a pure, authentic Los Angeles sound; his numerous philanthropic efforts; his innovative, community-focused business mindset; and his humble heart.”

Check out Nipsey Hussle’s ‘Dedication’:

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