Influential hardcore punk band Minor Threat have briefly reunited, though fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for any new music or live gigs.

Forming back in 1980, Washington, D.C.’s Minor Threat were only around for a handful of years, but their legacy has endured ever since. Releasing just a handful of EPs and a sole studio album, the band’s breakup in 1983 led to its members joining a number of huge bands, including Fugazi, Embrace, and Bad Religion to name a few.

Back in 1985 though, two years after their split, Minor Threat released a three-song EP titled Salad Days. Adorned with a now-iconic photo of the band on the front porch of Dischord house, the image has gone on to become synonymous with the band, and is considered one of the definitive images from the hardcore punk scene of the early ’80s.

Now, the band has come together once again to recreate this classic picture.

Minor Threat tries to get together every few years to catch up with each other . This photo was taken yesterday at the Dischord house.

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Dischord Records‎‏ فيالسبت، ١٧ نوفمبر ٢٠١٨

Posted on the Dischord Records Facebook page, the new photo shows drummer Jeff Nelson, singer Ian MacKaye, guitarist Lyle Preslar, and bassist Brian Baker sitting on the front steps of Dischord house in Arlington, Virginia.

“Minor Threat tries to get together every few years to catch up with each other,” the photo’s caption read. “This photo was taken yesterday at the Dischord house.”

However, if you were hoping that this might mean that the group are planning to end their 35-year drought, we’ve got bad news for you, with Brian Baker shooting down any hopes of a reunion.

“This is a non-story,” Baker explained to WTOP. “Jeff insists that we always take a porch shot for posterity when the four of us are at Dischord. This is just the first one we’ve had taken since I’ve had an Instagram account.”

While frontman Ian MacKaye has repeatedly made it clear that Minor Threat will never reunite, it’s easy to see why devoted fans of the group would get excited to see their heroes in such a familiar pose so many years later.

In more recent news, MacKaye has recently teamed up with Fugazi bandmate Joe Lally to form an as-yet-unnamed band who appear to have signed with Dischord Records. No word when we’ll be getting recorded tunes from them, but it’s still early days.

Check out Minor Threat’s ‘In My Eyes’:

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