Having announced a string of Western Australian tour dates, Shihad, one of the most successful bands ever to come out of New Zealand, have now announced headline performances for the East Coast to complete their first tour since 2014.

This month sees the legendary Kiwi rockers re-releasing their 1996 self-titled breakthrough album (affectionately known as The Fish Album amongst fans), re-mastered for both a digital release and vinyl.

Joining the band for their first trek of Australia since they brought roofs down on their 2014 FVEY tour will be West Coast legends Storytime and Adelaide punk rock trio Grenadiers (each playing select dates).

Shihad’s 2016 Australian tour kicks off this month, with stops all over WA as well as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and a headlining spot at Pigsty In July. Check below for all dates and ticketing details. To celbrate what’s set to be another cracking tour, the guys have curated a today throwback mixtape, looking at the year 1996… can you believe that was 20 years ago?!

Tricky – ‘Makes Me Wanna Die’
Martina Topley Bird has the coolest voice in this song

Midnight In A Perfect World – ‘DJ Shadow’
I must have played this record so many times. One of my favourite albums of the whole decade! (Karl Kippenberger)

Nick Cave & PJ Harvey – ‘Henry Lee’
Getting to see Nick Cave do the ‘Sunset’ slot on the ’96 BDO Tour, Melbourne show being extra memorable. Always had a soft spot for PJ Harvey. (Karl Kippenberger)

Marylin Manson – ‘The Beautiful People’
Marylin definitely had some shit goin’ on in ’96. (Karl Kippenberger)

Imperial Teen – ‘You’re One’
This is Roddy from FNM’s band. He gave us a copy of this album in Europe while we toured with FNM. (Karl Kippenberger)

The Jesus Lizard – ‘Thumper’
Another great band that was on the BDO 1996. Awesome bass line, awesome metallic guitar part, amazing drummer. Producer by GGGarth Richardson, who later produced The General Electric and Love Is The New Hate. (Phil Knight)

Underworld – ‘Pearls Girl’
This song is from the only drum’n bass album you should bother with if you hate drum’n bass. Our soundman used it to tune the P.A before during before our soundchecks for a good decade. (Phil Knight)

Rage Against The Machine – ‘People Of The Sun’
The other amazing song of this album. Saw them play it at Adelaide BDO 1996. Blew my brains out. (Phil Knight)

Regurgitator – ‘F.S.O’
I remember being blown away when I saw them play this song at Homegrown sometime in the nineties. (Phil Knight)

Sebadoh – ‘On Fire’
Cool song. The rest of the album’s pretty boring though. (Phil Knight)

‘You am I – ‘Good Morning’
The 3rd single off Australian band You Am I’s 3rd album Hourly, Daily, released in July 1996.

As Kiwi’s, we didn’t pay You Am I much heed until we saw them play 3 x nights in a row at the Metro theatre in SYDNEY on their Hourly Daily tour. Phenomenal Band. Phenomenal Album. (Tom Larkin)

Prodigy – ‘Breathe’
As a byproduct of touring Europe throughout 1994/95 we picked up a fairly strong Prodigy habit due top their ‘Songs For The Jilted Generation’ album.

We were stoked that we were doing the 1996 big day out alongside them and they were road testing all the shit from what was to be the “Fat of the land’ album. This track was a standout during the multiple times (8 shows) we saw them over the summer of 1996. (Tom Larkin)

OMC – ‘How Bizzare’
Pauly Fuemana set the international stage for NZ hip hop with this summery track that echoed the pasifika sounds we all grow up with in NZ.

I always thought he was great and I remember being in NYC and hearing this everywhere in 96. Loved that the ironic name that they gave the band (Otara Millionaires Club) turned out to be totally prophetic. (Tom Larkin)

2Pac & Dre – ‘California Love’
This track NEVER fails – amazing to listen to and is really the blueprint for what Dre bought home on 2001. (excellent to check out on really good speakers for the almost inaudible triangle / whistle and voice going ‘chicka chicka chicka’ – total production candy). (Tom Larkin)

Tool – ‘Stinkfist’
We toured with these guys on the back of Aenima – we may not have been the most appropriate opening act at the time but I always remember how fucking great the video was for this track and how enormous the band’s mix was at FOH. (same guy as RATM earlier in the year too.) (Tom Larkin)

Rage Against The Machine – ‘Bulls On Parade’
One of the best rock songs from the 90s full stop. Saw the actual shows this vid was shot at which was the BDO’s in Melbourne and Sydney.

Biggest crowd bounce I’ve ever seen. They were what I imagine Led Zeppelin would’ve sounded like if they’d been born in the 70s like me. (Jon Toogood)

DJ Shadow – ‘The Number Song’
I first listened to this because I thought it was cool he sampled Metallica’s “Orion” from Master Of Puppets but this track is way more than just that. And the album it’s off “Endtroducing” is a 90s classic. (Jon Toogood)

Wilco – ‘Misunderstood’
My favourite Wilco song ever. The words are heartbreakingly beautiful and it’s one the most awesome ways to start an album ever (it’s track 1 on Wilco’s “Being There” album). (Jon Toogood)

Tricky – ‘Christiansands’
I was a big fan of Tricky’s 1st album Maxinquaye but really loved how dark his 2nd album Pre-Millennium Tension was. And this track sorta epitomises the whole record. Smokin. (Jon Toogood)

Regurgitator – ‘I Sucked A Lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am’
When we first made the move to Oz this was one band we thought were fucking amazing and this track’s one of my faves. (Jon Toogood)


Thursday, 23rd June 2016
Settlers Tavern, Margaret River

Friday, 24th June 2016
Rosemount Hotel, Perth

Saturday, 25th June 2016
Rosemount Hotel, Perth

Sunday, 26th June 2016
Newport Hotel, Fremantle

Friday, 1st July 2016
The Triffid, Brisbane

Saturday, 2nd July 2016
Pigsty In July, Hunter Valley

Friday, 15th July 2016
The Factory, Sydney

Saturday, 16th July 2016
The Croxton, Melbourne