MONSTA X member Shownu will not be participating in the promotions for the group’s upcoming album to focus on his recovery after a surgery. 

K-pop group MONSTA X are all set to come back with new music on June 1st, releasing their mini-album One Of A Kind. The group surprised fans with the announcement on May 1st, prefacing what is to be their ninth mini-album. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait longer to see the full lineup. 

MONSTA X’s agency, Starship Entertainment, has announced that member Shownu will be sitting out the promotions for One Of A Kind due to focus on his health and recovery after an eye surgery last year. 

According to a statement providing more insight into his condition, Shownu was diagnosed with Left Retinal Detachment last year, for which he underwent surgery in July 2020. Despite constant upkeep, he started experiencing discomfort in his eyes after being exposed to harsh lighting while preparing for the comeback earlier this year. 

Another official diagnosis put the cause of discomfort as sub-retinal fluid and proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR), arising as a complication from the surgery last year. To prevent further damage, Shownu has decided to step back from the promotions for One Of A Kind, during which time he will be recuperating. 

Support for the star has been pouring in since the announcement:

Earlier this year, Shownu also had to put a brief pause on promotions for MONSTA X’s Japanese single due to a COVID-19 scare. After the first round of tests prior to an event came back inconclusive, the singer was under self-quarantine while he awaited results for a second round of testing. He resumed activities after testing negative the next day. 

This will be MONSTA X’s first release after their third studio album, Fatal Love, released in November last year. 

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Check out MONSTA X’s full statement below: