We all need some lighthearted, wholesome content these days and so we got mxmtoon to interview G Flip to give us a healthy does of just that.

There are three things in life right now that we can be certain of: social media and pop sensation mxmtoon being entertaining, Aussie sensation G Flip continuing her upward trend as one of our most exceptional musicians, and the need for good wholesome content given the state of the world right now.

So in the interest of killing three birds with the one stone, we decided to do something audacious. Rather than chat to each musician individually and then putting out an article or something as we usually do, we decided to get the pair to interview each other (via video call) while we sat back and watched.

And folks, the end result is just glorious.

Over the course of 30 chaotic and wholesome minutes, the talented pop pair got chatting about everything and anything as they caught up on what each other have been doing during their respective lockdowns – mxmtoon is in America (which she describes as a “hot mess right now”) where as G Flip is in Melbourne (which is less of a hot mess these days).

While we can’t give you a run down on every little thing the pair talked about (which would defeat the purpose of this whole thing), we can give you some of the highlights of their chat. Some of the many, many talking points include:

  • What they’ve been doing while stuck in lockdown. Lots of plants are involved.
  • A surprisingly in-depth deep dive about Mario Kart and their preferred characters.
  • The political climate in America.
  • G Flip talking about finding random mannequin parts. She head she named “Kellyanne Stevens” that’s been keeping her company during lockdown.
  • Their many tattoos.
  • Their dream contract rider and music stuffs.

We won’t hold you any longer from this much-needed piece of wholesome content so please just enjoy this conversation because we sure as hell did.

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Check out mxmtoon chatting to G Flip:

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