Following Wolfmother’s 2009 sophomore Cosmic Egg awkwardly falling outside of the pan, the group are planning to release its follow-up after a nearly half-decade break, with their only remaining original member Andrew Stockdale announcing that LP3 is nearly finished: “We are so close to having this record completed.”

As The Music reports, in a recent interview with Brisbane street press, Time Off Magazine, lead singer Stockdale suggests the band’s future plans and approach to recording a new rock album (under the working title of ‘Gatherings‘). “It’s been about 15 months of on-and-off recording in about four or five different locations… We’ve mixed and mastered about eight of the tracks, and there’s probably going to be about 12 tracks that end up on there.”

With widespread success many can release a sigh a relief with the singer also playing down expectations of an over produced radio pleaser. “I’m aiming for a record full of songs that trigger off your imagination and you drift off with the record, as opposed to the kind of record that’s exciting for one or two songs or after one or two listens you get that feeling that there’s nothing left to explore there.”

With irregular yet impressive performances spaced across the year, Wolfmother’s new live setup has seemingly met the singer’s high expectations. “At the moment we’ve got Elliot Hammond from The Delta Riggs in the band and he’s playing a lot of congas, bongos, percussion, and harp so we’ve started bringing songs like ‘Love Train’ back into the set, and with all the instrumentation it’s just a total trip.”“It’s been about 15 months of on-and-off recording in about four or five different locations… We are so close to having this record completed.” – Andrew Stockdale

The singer is also characteristically confident about their newly crafted sound, adding “In the past it’s been like, ‘Don’t worry about that backing vocal, don’t worry about that part there. Can you sing? No, you can’t? Okay, we don’t need that part there then’. You kind of make all these compromises when you’re playing live and now we’re like, ‘Let’s stretch it out, get the full panoramic view of these records and make them live’. And that’s really refreshing for the set”.

Wolfmother’s is set to ring in the new year in Queensland, at Brisbane’s Eaton Hill Hotel, playing their last show of 2012 with support from Nine Sons Of Dan, Miacarla, and Goodnight Midnight, before presumably hunkering back down in the studio to polish off their third studio album.

Scepticism, egotism, and the past aside (Stockdale’s biting the hand that feeds by slamming Triple J comes to mind), the Wolfmother frontman’s got a proven track record for penning some fine tunes, and not for nothing voted in at #8 on Triple J’s ‘Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time’ poll.

Wolfmother New Year’s Eve Show


December 31st 2012
Doors open at 6pm and this is an 18+ event only.
Tickets on sale now from,
or phone 1300 762 545 or from City Beach Queen Street Mall, Kill The Music, Rockaway Records and Rockinghorse Records.

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