This just in: Nick Cave knows what Love Island is. Nick Cave wants Luca Bish to win Love Island. The multiverse is real.

Proving that we are all living in an alternate timeline, Nick Cave knows what Love Island is. For the sake of clarity, he doesn’t watch the show – his wife Susie does – but he is rooting for contestant Luca Bish to win.

In an open letter to fans on his website The Red Hand Files, Cave revealed a surprisingly emotional connection to Bish and his family – hence, the endorsement. While The Caves had known Bish since he was a child, he said, his family helped the couple through the death of their son Arthur.

“Luca was a school friend of our twins, Arthur and Earl. As a consequence, Susie and I became friends with Lucas parents, Maria and Michael.” Cave wrote on his website. 

“After Arthur died, in the early days of that terrible, chaotic first week, Maria turned up on our doorstep with a tray of lasagne and basically looked after us. She barely said anything to us. She made us cups of tea. She cooked for us.” Cave recalled, noting how Maria’s presence proved to be a massive emotional support for the grieving couple. 

He added: “She was just there. She was the one constant through a time of horror and confusionwhen scores of despairing and commiserating people came and went. We will never forget her kindness.” 

Cave’s son Arthur died aged 15 in 2015, after taking a fall from a cliff near Brighton, UK. An autopsy revealed he’d been under the influence of drugs, and ruled it an accident. Cave has often opened up about the aftermath of losing Arthur, both in his book Faith, Hope And Carnage and in answers to fans on his website.

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“Even in the first week, when the world seemed suddenly and shockingly defined by an unspeakable and distorting cruelty, Maria reminded us that there was good in the world. She also served as a lesson in how to deal with grieving people – you dont need to say anything, just do something; make them a cup of tea, cook them dinner.” Cave said of Maria Bish in his latest letter. 

“To this day Michael brings fresh fish around to our house, drops it off and leaves without a word. He pretends to charge us for it, but we know that he doesnt. These people, Lucas parents, are as good as people get, and they love their son, Luca.” he said. 

“So, Susie watches Love Island and cheers him on, and hopes that he will win. I also hope that Luca wins, and wins soon, because then I can get the fucking TV back.” he wrote. 

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Listen to Nick Cave’s letter to a fan on grief:

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