Given the enduring legacy of a band like Nirvana, you’d think it would be pretty hard to find material from the group that still leaves fans clutching at their chests due to the sheer excitement of what they are hearing. Well, that’s exactly what the Internet is doing right now, thanks to the discovery of a long-lost Nirvana gig.

Back in 1991, Nirvana happened to release a little-known called Nevermind. Due to the international success the record saw, the band hit the road to bring it to the people. A little over two months following the album’s release, the band found themselves in Scotland, where they played an immensely rare acoustic show as a duo.

Wait, what?

That’s right, unplugging their instruments for a while, Krist Novoselic took the night off as Dave Grohl picked up the bass and joined Kurt Cobain for a gig that only cost a measly £1 to attend. Performing at the Southern Bar in Edinburgh, Scotland, the duo threw down a quick, five-song set for approximately 30 people.

As Spin notes, the band were billed as ‘Very Special Guests’ for the evening, which was a charity event alongside local band The Joyriders, as they attempted to raise money for the Sick Kids Hospital. Some online sources claim that the band were billed as ‘Teen Spirit’ for the night, but we figure if that was the case, that thinly-veiled attempt at deception would have resulted in a crowd far in excess of only 30 people.

The Live Nirvana Twitter page announced the discovery of the concert yesterday – 26 years to the day after the gig happened. “We’ve been actively trying to track down a recording for probably 15 years,” they wrote. “We thought one didn’t exist. It does. Thanks to all involved.”

In fact, this gig is so rare that up until today, only two of the songs from the band’s setlist were known. The duo opened proceedings with acoustic versions of ‘Dumb’, ‘Polly’, and a cover of The Vaselines’ ‘Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam’. Some online sources claim that the band covered Shonen Knife’s ‘Twist Barbie’ as well, but the mysterious fifth song remains a mystery.

Thankfully though, thanks to one fan in attendance, you can now relive the first ten minutes of this fabled Nirvana gig. Check it out below, but be warned, the powers that be are trying to remove it from the web, so make sure you’re quick!

Check out Nirvana’s rare acoustic gig in Scotland:

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