Noel Gallagher has reflected upon the time he met Rolling Stones legend, Keith Richards, telling the rock icon that his brother Liam was “worse” than Stones frontman Mick Jagger.

Speaking to Hometime presenters Andy Bush and Richie Firth on Absolute Radio, Noel recalled: “So I go up to the bar and there is Keith Richards, looking exactly as you would imagine, scarf and a hat, and his son is a friend of mine, Marlon, said ‘Dad’ and he suddenly turns around and says, ‘ah your still around are you'”.

He continued: “But he said a great thing, you’ll have to bleep it out but it is a brilliant line. His second line was, he said, ‘one thing I’ve always wanted to ask you, who is the bigger ****, your singer or mine?’ and I said ‘well, as your singer wrote some of the greatest lyrics of all time I’m going to say mine.”

“And he was like, ‘your band you were quite interesting there for a while’, and I was like ‘I could actually say the same to you'”.

Noel added: “But he was great and such a dude. It kinda reaffirms your faith in all your heroes when you meet Keith because he is the man.”

It’s no surprise that Noel would take a chance to have a jab at his estranged sibling, with the pair being at loggerheads since their infamous backstage bust-up in 2009 which lead to the end of Oasis,

Elsewhere in the interview, Noel revealed that he believes Oasis should have been named “The Sex Beatles” because they were so heavily influenced by both The Sex Pistols and The Beatles.

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He said: “When we started Oasis we wanted to be a cross between The Pistols and The Beatles, we should have been called The Sex Beatles, I mean that would have been a great name wouldn’t it.”

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