Over the weekend, multiple alleged drug users were denied entry to Sydney’s Above & Beyond festival. 

This came after the NSW Police Force’s Facebook post last week that stated that “Police will exclude any person from the venue that the drug dog indicates has or who has recently had drugs on them, regardless of whether drugs are located,” 

This statement received an absolute lambasting from the public. Snitch dogs are known for being inaccurate; The Greens claim that they can get it wrong in up to 75% of cases. But despite public backlash, the operation went ahead.

According to a Facebook post via anti-drug dog organisation Sniff Off, punters were “humiliated and strip-searched for no reason, and people were still kicked out after no drugs were found on them.”

Last night, a number of people were refused entry to Above and Beyond after being searched by police and having no drugs…

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Sniff Off‎‏ في9 يونيو، 2018

NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge described this operation as ” a gross abuse of police powers and a vicious attack on civil liberties.” The Greens claim that they will challenge this debacle in both parliament and court.