Despite widespread calls for pill testing facilities at festivals, in order to reduce drug-related casualties, New South Wales Police Minister Troy Grant has dismissed this notion, saying last night on radio that it “won’t happen”.

Granted, the Police Minister was speaking on ultra-conservative Miranda Devine’s 2GB show, but he still took a fairly firm stance on the issue, despite the public health concerns.

“The number one problem is that what they are proposing is some sort of quality assurance measure for an illegal drug, for drug traffickers, to be conducted by police and the New South Wales Government. Well, that’s just not going to happen”, he said.

“It gives people a false sense of security that they pill test and somehow know the contents of it and it’s okay to consume. The clear message is it isn’t. It’s an illegal drug because it is dangerous, it is likely to kill you or cause irreversible harm.

“People’s health, their lives, are being jeopardised by some of these foolish pursuits.”

Grant also stressed there would be “no investment by the New South Wales Government into a quality assurance tool”, which will no doubt lead to drug testing kits being handed out – or sold – through unofficial channels.

This is just what happens when there is a problem that government refuse to address.

Still, we’re not surprised the Police Minister is taking a hard line on this. Even if drug testing kits were made available at festivals, this won’t stop the potential overdoses from people downing their pills to evade the overbearing police dog presence.

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