It looks like the official ‘Museum of Missy Elliott’ is coming to a New York near you, as passers-by have documented the slow establishment of the space, located at 630 Broadway.

The event is being made by MTV and will be a pop-up that runs from the 24th to the 25th only. According to an event description, the museum will be “an interactive museum experience honoring her work and the creative visionaries behind some of her most iconic music videos: June Ambrose, Hype Williams, Dave Myers, HiHat, Billy B and Gloria Elias-Foeillet.”

One could only hope the impetus behind such an event means new Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott music on the horizon. In a recent interview with Marie Claire, the artist did in fact touch upon the notion of music, saying that after hearing her new album she wants fans to think “there’s no one like Missy. No one.”

Elliott has released a slew of singles across the years that haven’t really found any sort of home on an album or EP, they’re just kind of there, in existence, without many people remembering them. The iconic rapper’s last full-length album was in 2006 with Respect M.E., so it is safe to say we have been waiting a while for this new project to come into our lives.

At least now we get to enjoy the legacy of Missy Elliott with a two-day museum stint. The slow build-up of the museum’s facade was filmed and put up on Twitter by Twitter user Alexander Watt, which you can view below:

Humble beginnings, at first the sign looks like some kind of joke.

You’ve heard it here first folks, no coke allowed at the Missy Elliott museum.

We can’t wait to see what the museum will hold as its prized showcases, there’s just so much iconic content to choose from.