It’s a bittersweet, slightly unsure time to be a touring musician at the minute. As the first months of 2021 have shown early signs of promise when it comes to the restarting of tours in different areas of the country, the industry remains understandably cagey. 

Why should we be throwing our optimism into something that could easily be taken away again?

This week, we’ve seen the live music industry take another massive hit, with the cancellation of Bluesfest. It sucked, quite frankly, but served as a reminder that although we’re slowly getting back to a semblance of normality…we’re definitely not there yet.

For Sydney performer Oly Sherman, the last few years have seen him touring heavily across Australia, as well as making his break into the international market. When the pandemic set in, like many, he was in the middle of a massive round of touring. Having to pump the breaks on a full production as opposed to a gig here and there, it throws a lot of things into perspective for an artist.

Where do you go from there?

“I had around two to three shows a week [planned] to literally nothing.” he says. “It was a bit of a weird feeling as it was my first tour as well.”

Currently promoting his new single ‘Lush Lyfe’, Sherman is in a position now where he can be back on the road performing. 

Touring through into May, Sherman is performing throughout NSW and Queensland – borders and lockdowns permitting. The importance of touring regionally, especially now, hasn’t been lost on him. Now more than ever, the regional entertainment and creative communities need the support.

“I think it’s something that’s really important,” he says. “You meet such great people and you end up going to places you wouldn’t normally venture into. 

Check out Oly Sherman’s ‘Lush Lyf’:

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For Oly personally, anticipating an unknown period of time off the road was scary but now, he can look at lessons learned during 2020 and apply it to his approach to music moving forward.

“It was definitely a shock to the system,” he remembers. “Then at the same time, we all knew it was coming when they started to do the first lot of restrictions etc. Hopefully it’s gauged a lot more now so artists can start or continue doing what they love.”

“I mean, from a personal point of view, I don’t think it took the pandemic to relish what we had in live shows, but more so made me realise the amount of hard work we as a community need to do to get it back!”

Oly Sherman ‘Lush Lyf’ tour dates:

Saturday, April 17th
Since I Left You, Sydney, NSW

Friday, May 7th
The Bearded Lady, Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, May 13th
Treehouse on Belongil, Byron Bay, NSW

Friday, May 14th
Flow Cafe, Old Bar, NSW

Saturday, May 15th
Sol Bar (Loungebar) Maroochydore, QLD