Oly Sherman has furthered his status as one of the most prolific artists on the scene right now, offering up the live clip for his newest single, ‘The World Is In A Bad Room’.

If you’ve been paying attention to the world of local music in recent years, then you’d already be more than aware that Oly Sherman is a force to be reckoned with. With a penchant for touring relentlessly and sharing music at every single chance he gets, Sherman might be one of the hardest-working musicians out there today.

Of course, with a pandemic affecting the industry as a whole, Sherman hasn’t used that as an opportunity to slow down, rather, he’s decided to forge ahead, sharing his latest single, the powerful ‘The World Is In A Bad Room’ earlier this month.

Featuring his rich vocals and exceptional musicianship, the track is a timely rumination of the state of the world right now, focusing not only the issues we face as a whole, but also his own personal struggles.

“[It’s] a mixed mindset between the torn up world we’re trying to get through, and my own mind,” Sherman explains. “The song basically encapsulates our decisions when weighed up with friends, relationships and social media.”

With the track released earlier this month, its visual accompaniment is a snapshot of what the world has been missing lately, with Sherman filming a live performance video, direct from a backyard, while he and his bandmates socially distance. A dynamic, soul showcase of the riveting live performances he delivers, it’s almost possible to lose yourself in this luscious performance momentarily as the smooth sounds wash over you.

“I wanted to create something with a consistent groove, and [that] allows the band and I to play freely live,” Sherman explained of the track and its recording. “The recording process was really quick, with the chord structure and vocals taking only a day to lay down. I just fiddled with the tune for the next month until I arrived at something I was super, super happy with.”

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Of course, while many of us around the country are just yearning for the chance to catch Oly Sherman and his bandmates doing as they do in the clip and playing the track live, his Sydney fans are lucky enough to experience this tomorrow night, with Sherman performing a sold-out show at The Vanguard.

If you were able to nab tickets to this show, then count yourself lucky, but if you weren’t so fortunate (or live outside of NSW), commiserate with the mesmerising creation that is the live video for ‘The World Is In A Bad Room’ below.

Check out Oly Sherman’s ‘The World Is In A Bad Room’:

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Oly Sherman Live Dates

Friday, October 23rd (Sold Out)
The Vanguard, Sydney, NSW