Brendon Urie, frontman and only remaining member of Panic! At The Disco, has been forced to move house after constant harassment from fans made it impossible for him to live there anymore.

Urie’s moved into his “dream house” three years ago, and due to his high profile,  his address is available to those who want it (because the internet). He received gifts and mail on a regular basis: “This never bothered me.”

“But as time progressed so did the amount of letters”, he wrote on Twitter. “Not just letters and gifts, this soon changed into visits and constant harassment from fans. It got so bad that I didn’t feel safe in my own home.”

Later he wrote, “I only hope this sheds light on what inappropriate behavior looks like. Boundaries are boundaries for a reason. Everyone has a right to feel safe and everyone has an obligation to be happy. So I’m taking my family somewhere that might make this a possibility.”

Read the entire letter below. Oh, and you’ll be happy to know he has since set up a P.O. Box for all your fan-fiction involving him and Pete Wentz hooking up in your high school bedroom.

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