Papa Roach has announced its second collection of hit singles, titled Greatest Hits Vol. 2 – The Better Noise Years.

According to Blabbermouth, the album will be released on March 19th, 2021. It will include 12 of the hard rock band’s top 10 hits that came out between 2010 and 2019.

There will also be three previously unreleased remixes and two unreleased acoustic recordings recorded live at the YouTube Studios in New York City. One track, ‘Broken As Me’, features a star turn by Asking Alexandria’s Danny Warsnop.

The band noted: “We wanted to commemorate the last 10 years of our journey with this special collection of the music that got us here.”

Papa Roach also released an official video for ‘The Ending’ this week. The song was featured in the horror film The Retaliators, which marked the acting debut of the band’s Jacoby Shaddix.

A Greatest Hits collection makes sense for a band of Papa Roach’s stature. They’ve managed to remain relevant for 20 years now, amassing eight million monthly listeners on Spotify. They’ve released 21 top five singles throughout their career.

Their first compilation album, …To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach, was released in 2010 but it was a controversial record. The band’s own members asked their fans not to buy the CD because they did not endorse its release (nor would they receive royalties from its sales). It was their last album with Geffen Records, after the band left for Eleven Seven Music.

Greatest Hits Vol. 2 – The Better Noise Years track listing:

01. ‘Born For Greatness’ (Remastered 2020)
02. ‘Help’ (Remastered 2020)
03. ‘Elevate’ (Remastered 2020)
04. ‘Come Around’ (Remastered 2020

05. ‘Broken As Me’ (feat. Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria)*
06. ‘Falling Apart’ (Remastered 2020)
07. ‘Who Do You Trust?’ (Remastered 2020)
08. ‘Gravity’ (feat. Maria Brink) (Remastered 2020)
09. ‘American Dreams’ (Remastered 2020)
10. ‘Face Everything And Rise’ (Remastered 2020)
11. ‘Periscope’ (feat. Skylar Grey) (Remastered 2020)
12. ‘Still Swingin” (Remastered 2020)
13. ‘The Ending’ (Remastered 2020)
14. ‘Burn’ (Remastered 2020)
15. ‘Kick In The Teeth’ (Remastered 2020)
16. ‘Elevate’ (Aelonia Remix)*
17. ‘Help’ (Aelonia Remix)*
18. ‘Born For Greatness’ (Cymek Remix) *
19. ‘Top Of The World’ (Aelonia Remix)*
20. ‘Face Everything And Rise’ (Live Acoustic) *
21. ‘Leader Of The Broken Hearts’ (Live Acoustic)*

* previously unreleased

Check out ‘The Ending (Remastered)’ by Papa Roach: