Peking Duk have stepped up to the stand for the latest Like A Version and produced a remarkable cover of Crowded House’s ‘Fall At Your Feet’, with the help of Julia Stone and Dean Brady.

The dynamic electronic duo put together dramatically different renditions of the song, featuring their trademark lively synth and booming beats.

While Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles of Peking Duk played the synth and guitar, Julia Stone, of Angus and Julia Stone, and Dean Brady belted out vocals on the mic. The rendition slowly built up until it peaked at the chorus as all four performers contributed in electrifying harmony.

Speaking of their choice to pick the Crowded House classic Hyde said he only recently realised the significance of the song.

“I never really fully got into Crowded House so much until recently,” he explained. “A friend of mine showed it to me… As she was listening to it, I noticed how much it kind of captivated her. And. It made her feel a lot of emotions, which I think was quite contagious in that moment. And I was like, well, this song is powerful.”

Styles added: “Definitely one of the biggest and best songs of all time. And I’ve recently come into it as well.”

While Hyde and Styles said that they had their heart set on Julia Stone being back of the cover, they stumbled across Brady and instantly knew that he should be involved.

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“Julia felt like the best female vocalist possible that we could. You know, hit up and then it just took on this enchanting world that we didn’t really think would ever happen,” Styles said.

“We were also very lucky to have Dean Brady join us,” Hyde said.

“It was a bit of a stab in the dark,” Styles explained. “We were like, ‘oh, we just found this guy on like new music Friday on Spotify’ and we’re like, ‘let’s just hit him up. See what his vibe is'”.

He continued, “He came into rehearsals and holy moly, that voice live in the flesh. Even better than what we could’ve ever expected.”

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Watch Peking Duk, Julia Stone and Dean Brady cover ‘Fall At Your Feet’ for triple j’s Like A Version:

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