TRIGGER WARNING This article about Carla Geneve contains information about sexual assault and abuse which may be triggering.

Perth songwriter Carla Geneve has taken to Instagram to address allegations of abuse anonymously levied against her via the Instagram account Beneath The Glass Ceiling. The Beneath The Glass ceiling post accused Geneve of “verbal, emotional and sexual abuse of people who look up to me.”

“I’m ready to address something very important that I have not yet spoken about publicly,” Geneve wrote. “Recently, an anonymous post on Beneath The Glass Ceiling was very obviously about me. It said that I had tried to silence people who were trying to spread word about my alleged behavior.”

Geneve noted that the post in question has since been removed and that nobody in her team was responsible for its deletion.

The statement continued, “I say now, with all of my heart: I have not committed these awful acts. I am not guilty of sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, or anything detailed in the anonymous posts or emails.”

Geneve went on to say that nobody has brought up the allegations with her directly. That “all the anonymous emails claim to be from a third party, not the individuals who are supposedly involved.

“As these accusations are not first-hand accounts and shared anonymously, I have no idea how to address them. I cannot appropriately respond to these claims if I don’t know who I am communicating with.”

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Geneve detailed that she attempted to find the source of the accusations, to no avail. “I have never made any effort, legal or otherwise to silence anybody,” the statement continued.

She went on to detail that members of her team have severed professional ties with her due to “the extreme nature of the accusations.”

“I’m heartbroken that we can’t work together,” she wrote. “but I would not wish this negativity on anyone and I understand their position to part ways.”

Geneve says that she has stepped away from making music in light of the allegations, and “did not release my album because I could not function due to the severity of the damage this, compounded with my bipolar, has caused me.”

She claims that since the allegations came to light, her property has been damaged and she has been forced to move. “I have not felt safe in a very long time,” she writes.

“I am terrified of the backlash and harassment that I expect to get for making this statement. But I need to take some kind of power back for myself against the invisible person that has been focused on destroying me and my reputation for many months now.”

The statement went on to call on whoever is demanding that she take accountability for the abuse she has been accused of to come forward and “allow me to be accountable by telling me what I have done, to who, and when I have done this.”

“I am summoning all my strength to speak the truth, and let this be resolved,” the letter concludes. You can read the statement in its entirety below.

In March this year, Carla Geneve took out the $5,000 AMPAL Emerging Songwriter Prize as part of the 2020 Vanda & Young Global Songwriting Competition. The songwriter took out the honor for her track ‘The Right Reasons’, off her recently released Dog Eared EP.

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