Pist Idiots may not be the most obvious tastemaker you’d turn to when considering the best rap album of 2021, but the Revesby rockers have strong thoughts on the matter at hand.

In celebration of the release of their debut record, Idiocracy, Pist Idiots have taken on the role of guest editors at Don’t Bore Us.

Dubbed “the voice of music fans”, Don’t Bore Us serves as a platform in which music fans, critics, creators, and artists can unite to review their favourite music and the biggest releases of the moment.

As part of its newly-launched format, Pisties are taking on this week’s Guest Editor role, which will see the punks share their own reviews and music opinions across the site, and offering their hot takes on the music they’ve been listening to.

The reviews are in and they’re eclectic and genre spanning.

Pisties have tipped their hat to Melbourne pub rock royalty Amyl and the Sniffers, who last week dropped their scorching second album Comfort To Me.

“It’s hard as fuck, the composition is spot on, guitar cuts through hard its calculated and executed with devilish precision, the rhythm section doesn’t skip a beat and its thumping,” Pisties wrote of the record. “Vocals sit sick with the lyrical content to match.”

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There’s also nods to heavyweights Royal Blood, Bad//Dreems, Turnstile and Title Fight. Though perhaps the most surprising shout was Pisties revealing their favourite rap album of the year, PS3: STILL IN THA GAME by Melbourne hip hop duo POSSESHOT.


You can read all the Pist Idiots Don’t Bore Us guest editor reviews here.

Last month, Pist Idiots  finally unveiled their long-awaited debut record, Idiocracy. Idiocracy has been a long time coming for Pist Idiots, who have three excellent EPs, and a slew of corker singles under their belt.

Produced alongside Alex Cameron (Bad//Dreems) and Chris Collins, the record glows with rollicking, instantly memorable tracks, chock-a-block with gutsy guitar, and riotous call-to-arm singalongs.

Check it out below.