Sydney pub rock heroes Pist Idiots have finally unveiled their long-awaited debut record, Idiocracy.

Idiocracy has been a long time coming for Pist Idiots, who have three excellent EPs, and a slew of corker singles under their belt. Pisties have tapped into the warming oddity of Australiana barfly romance.

Produced alongside Alex Cameron (Bad//Dreems) and Chris Collins, the record glows with rollicking, instantly memorable tracks, chock-a-block with gutsy guitar, and riotous call-to-arm singalongs.

“We were spitballing ideas for album titles when Tommy said Idiocracy, which immediately seemed fitting,” says Joe of the lead single.“The song followed this, we thought of it like some warped theme song.

“We were just playing the song without words and loving the energy of it before we put Idiocracy on the chorus. The first couple verses were more or less written on the day and spell idiots in an acrostic way.” Listen to it below.

Check out Idiocracy by Pist Idiots.

This week, Pist Idiots will act as Guest Editors of music review platform Don’t Bore Us.

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Dubbed “the voice of music fans”, Don’t Bore Us serves as a platform in which music fans, critics, creators, and artists can unite to review their favorite music and the biggest releases of the moment.

As part of its newly-launched format, Pist Idiots are taking on this week’s Guest Editor role, which will see the outfit sharing their own reviews and music opinions across the site, and offering their own take on the music they’ve been listening to.