“Plagued are all my thoughts, like white ants in the fence” announces Love Migrate, with their smooth and honest debut album of the same title, the band’s impressive imagery and undeniably Australian folk vibe rings true to any patient listener.

Beginning warmly with the softly spoken ‘What Kind Of Man Have I Become?’, the band’s relaxing tones and spacious melody drifts in slowly to introduce the next nine tracks, after swimming through the first track you’ll enjoy floating into the second, ‘Head In The Clouds’ – as you realise their surprising accuracy at titling their music.

Soft electric guitars and raw organic vocals drive the group’s melancholy vehicle throughout, as various horn and organ soundscapes slowly float past the window for the majority of the drive, with stand alone up-beat pop tracks such as ‘Little Kid’ and ‘I Want You To Mend’ lifting you from the record’s slow-worn consistency, and altering dynamics.

While the songs and stylings are consistent, as are the transitions, the band’s honest sound is at times reminiscent of Melbourne’s Dick Diver, with surfy guitars and broad accents – there’s plenty to respect on Love Migrate’s debut.

Plagued Are All My Thoughts, Like White Ants In The Fence is a great debut, If you’ve found yourself looking for an album to purchase in support of an emerging softly spoken Australian act, then look no further than Love Migrate’s warm and well-crafted debut.

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