The music industry is undoubtedly in crisis mode at the moment, with the global pandemic that is COVID-19 causing events, tours, and festivals to be cancelled, and robbing artists, performers, and those in the creative industry of a dependable income.

While a number of initiatives have sprung up to help support artists in this current time, the most effective way to continue supporting creatives is to buy their music and merch, hold onto any postponed tour tickets, and above all, stream their music as often as possible.

Here’s a list we’ll regularly update with community radio music directors from around the country of Australian artists much loved and supported by community radio and its dedicated listeners. Their music has been a source of strength, inspiration and connection. Some of these tracks are new releases, and others from artists who would otherwise be traveling and touring at this time.

3RRR FM Melbourne Music Director Simon Winkler, continues this series with Australian music available on Amrap’s AirIt service to help compile a playlist of the best Aussie tunes doing the rounds on community radio to show your support to. As Simon explains:

“Here is a small selection of some recent releases from local artists available on the brilliant Amrap. It’s a crucial service that enables artists to connect with community radio stations and audiences around the country, and I highly recommend all musicians to make their songs available in this way.

“With the ongoing, devastating impacts on our creative communities, we at Triple R encourage everyone, now more than ever, to support artists in any way they can. Please stream and share, and if you have the means, buy music and merch from artists.”

Check out ‘Murnong Farm’ by Allara:


Allara – ‘Murnong Farm’

Allara was commissioned to write this brilliant song as part of a series of events held by Arts House North Melbourne. The event runs each year and last year it was titled Refuge 2019: Displacement.

Allara writes: “In the lead up to writing this piece,I reflected on my own displacement: displacement from my grandfather’s generation, from my mother’s generation and eventually to me… By writing this piece and as a Yorta Yorta person, I have found peace in my current living situation through practicing sovereignty in the backyard of my current rental. I know it will never satisfy my internal desire to walk on my own land, my own country … but Preston is ok for now.”

Kee’ahn – ‘Better Things’

‘Better Things’ is the highly anticipated debut track from First Nations artist Kee’ahn off her forthcoming debut album In Full Bloom. It’s described as “an introspective soulful groove, chronicling Kee’ahn’s journey from self-doubt, to empowerment and joy.”

Hooper Crescent – ‘Logos’

On this compelling track Hooper Crescent showcase their supreme ability to craft timeless post-punk grooves and forward thinking pop melodies.

‘Logos’ is a perfect introduction to their creativity and dynamism with sharp riffs, rhythms and lyrics that reflect on “the inextricable link between identity and the emotional void created by modern capitalism.” Taken from their forthcoming album Object Permance.

m8riarchy – ‘The Feeling’

m8riarchy’s new single ‘The Feeling’ is a “deep club groove that takes you on a transformative journey”. It’s the first single written, performed, produced and mixed by m8riarchy, and follows the release of ‘Supertouch’ earlier this year (a co-write and co-production by Simona Castricum & m8riarchy).

Check out ‘The Feeling’ by m8riarchy:


Naretha Williams – ‘Chaos Country’

An immense and immersive song taken from the upcoming album BLAK MASS. Commissioned by The City Of Melbourne for a live performance in 2019, BLAK MASS sees Naretha combine the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ with live electronics.

‘Chaos Country’, and the entire album, reflects on “the city’s jarring civic history and the impact of colonisation on its First Peoples and Land, through an experimental, site specific musical performance developed for the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ.”

Leah Senior – ‘With Or Without Me’

A timeless folk classic from the latest full-length by Leah Senior. Balances uplifting melodies with a sense of melancholy.

HTRK – ‘Real Headfuck’

From a new double A-side single, recorded over the past few weeks. This captivating arrangement features Conrad Standish on bass, alongside members Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang.

Ziggy Ramo – ‘Black Thoughts’

The title track from Ziggy Ramo’s recently released debut album. Underscored by soul, R&B, and jazz-infused beats, Ziggy Ramo details his experience of growing up Indigenous in Australia. He celebrates heritage and culture, and confronts all the forms of racism that continue to oppress First Nations peoples.

Check out ‘Black Thoughts’ by Ziggy Ramo:


Party Dozen – ‘Auto Loser’

A fuzzy, menacing, unmissable groove by Party Dozen, the sonic partnership loosely based on improvisation between saxophonist Kirsty Tickle and percussionist Jonathan Boulet.

Miiesha – ‘Hold Strong’

Taken from Nyaaringu, the debut full-length release from Miiesha. Drawing upon gospel, R&B, hip hop, soul and spoken word poetry, Miiesha offers a profound, powerful record of exceptional songcraft and production.

The title Nyaaringu is a phrase meaning “what happened” in Pitjantjatjara, and throughout the LP Miiesha shares stories of her life as a proud Pitjantjatjara and Torres Strait Islander woman, exploring subjects of identity, family, history, politics, survival and shared knowledge.

Poppongene – ‘You’ll Never Know’

This song concludes the captivating debut EP from Poppongene, released via Our Golden Friend. The track, and record, showcase Poppongene’s superlative songcraft and lyricism, with deeply moving arrangements.

Check out community radio favourite ‘You’ll Never Know’ by Poppongene:


Rebel Yell – ‘Saving Grace’

‘Saving Grace’ finds the acclaimed producer Rebel Yell looking to her noise music with “harsh vocals distorted by heavy feedback”. The abrasive elements contrast with clear synth lines that complement that deep club beats.

Tkay Maidza – ‘Shook’

An undeniable anthem, ‘Shook’ is Tkay Maidza’s first new material of 2020. The release coincides with her international signing to 4AD, joining a roster alongside Grimes, Purity Ring, Methyl Ethel, and D.D Dumbo.

Simona Castricum – ‘The Present’

From the recently released Panic/Desire. ‘The Present’ blends synthwave and technopop to create a song that’s “art resistance anthem and part club-friendly cathartic release”.

The lyrics are “a firm rebuke at the anti-transgender sentiments communicated by conservative media outlets and backwards political institutions, as well as a message of support for her allies in the trenches.”

Check out our ever-growing playlist of community radio picks: