We’ve already established that here at Tone Deaf, we’re big fans of the ever-entertaining efforts of statisticians. Whether they’re proving that pop music really is getting dumber by the decade or showing how smart you are based on your music taste, stats have given us plenty to think and laugh about.

Now, they’ve given us something to bang our heads to. Employing the damn near comprehensive heavy metal database that is the Metal Archives (like Wikipedia, but for metal), Reddit user darinhq has compiled a list for Data Is Beautiful of the most commonly used names for metal bands.

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Readers can check out the full list below, which actually reads like some pretty decent, if totally non-sequitur, death metal lyrics. As you’ve probably already guessed, names like Necrosis, Desecration, Epitaph, Genocide, Overload, and Carnage are fairly high on the list.

Coming out on top, however, is Nemesis. With 36 bands currently or previously raising the devil under that moniker, it stands as the most commonly used metal band name on Earth. If you’re currently in a metal band and struggling to think of a good name, trying slapping a few of thse together. Personally, we think ‘Infected Torment Asylum’ sounds badass.

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