Melbourne’s Beachwood might be new additions to the Aussie music scene, but they’ve continued their hot streak with a pair of gorgeous new singles.

Back in April, the world of music was happy to welcome the newly-formed Beachwood onto the scene.

A Melbourne indie-pop duo boasting the electronic beats of Jarrad Rogers (better known to many as the acclaimed producer MSTR Rogers), and the indie-folk songwriting of Angeline Armstrong, the pair undoubtedly found themselves in prime position to take the world by storm.

Having shared their debut single, ‘Miracle’, the duo soon followed it up with the impassioned ‘Love Me Or Leave Me Alone’, proving that their astounding success was in no way just a happy fluke.

Now, they’re back with even more tunes, with the twin singles ‘God Only Knows’ and ‘Marbles’ premiering on Tone Deaf today ahead of their release later this week.

First up, we see the stunning duo delivering an absolutely mesmerising take on The Beach Boys’ 1966 classic ‘God Only Knows’.

Kicking things off with a pounding bassline and unconventional vocal samples, the beauty of this iconic tune soon shines through, showing that Beachwood are truly able to reinvent the track and make it their own.

Complete with a slick bassline, a driving percussion track, and the traditional piano accompaniment, this mesmerising cover takes you over and leaves you wondering how you ever survived without it.

Trust us when we say it won’t be long before this one appears on mixtapes of love songs or serving as the song of choice at the next wedding you attend.

“’God Only Knows’ is such a sweet, romantic sounding song – but when you dig deeper and pay attention to the lyrics, it’s quite bittersweet and dark – there’s a real desperation and longing in it,” Angeline explains.

“That same longing and bittersweet feeling exists in both of our new tracks: hidden beneath pulsating pop beats and big progressive sounds, there’s the raw voice of a desperate longing for a relationship that won’t spoil or break.

“I think that taps into something very personal for all of us, no matter how deeply buried.”

Check out Beachwood’s cover of ‘God Only Knows’:

Last, but not least, the gorgeous indie-pop sensibilities of the duo are on full display with ‘Marbles’, which showcases world-class songwriting and chart-worthy production coming together in a dazzling display of musical brilliance.

Conceived in Los Angeles and featuring Texan MC Tray Haggerty, ‘Marbles’ features surprising beat changes, inventive melodic vocal ideas, almost overwhelming synthesisers, almost turning its lyrical notion of losing your marbles into a visceral feeling.

“Sometimes, caught up in the moment, we find ourselves saying and acting like someone we don’t even recognise – someone who is not at all the person we want to be deep down – that sort of inner struggle just seems to be a part of human nature,” explains Jarrad.

“It was cool to work together on a song that found a way to really capture that universal feeling of letting someone you love down, of ‘losing your mind, your grip on things, your marbles.’

Speaking of their decision to release both songs at once, Angeline simply notes, “it’s always nice to give people more.”

“As artists we’re always so hungry to release our music faster than is sometimes possible – it feels really good to just let go and hand these two over to the world all at once,” she explains. “We wanted to do something a little different

‘There’s a big focus on releasing one single at a time these days, but we felt that there was a bit of a story here in releasing both together.  We love re-imagining songs, especially ones as amazing as ‘God Only Knows’.”

Both Beachwood’s cover of ‘God Only Knows’ and ‘Marbles’ are set to be released on Friday, October 25th. However, if you can’t wait that long, be sure to check out both songs on the embedded players on this page.

If you’re liking what you hear, be sure to catch Beachwood when they play a launch show for ‘Marbles’ at Melbourne’s Gasometer Hotel on November 7th. Check out the details below!

Check out ‘Marbles’ by Beachwood:

Beachwood ‘Marbles’ Single Launch

Thursday, November 7th
The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne, VIC
Tickets: Moshtix