After six years of waiting, C.W. Stoneking fans can rejoice with the announcement that the one and only Stoneking is back with a brand new album Gon’ Boogaloo which is out on the 17th of October through Caroline/King Hokum.

Since winning converts to his unique style in the UK and Europe over the past half a decade, C.W. Stoneking and his brood have once again laid down Australian roots, settling in regional Victoria. It was from this point that things for Gon’ Boogaloo came together, “This record took me 6 long years to come by,” explained Stoneking. “It was finally recorded live in 2 days, without any overdubs, or edits using only 2 microphones, into a 2-track Ampex 351 1/4″ tape machine out of Capitol Records.

You can now hear ‘The Thing I Done’ the latest track release from the upcoming LP. Infected with the catchiest blues rhythms the single is a promising taste from an incredibly exciting upcoming record.

For more info or to pre-order the record, visit his Facebook page.