Delta Riggs frontman Elliott Hammond has just released his solo debut single ‘New Sensation’ and it’s a damn fine rock banger.

Elliott Hammond has done some damn fine work with The Delta Riggs and now he’s taken that “Imma put 200% energy into everything I do” into his new solo debut single ‘New Sensation’.

Released as part of his brand new solo project “Drac Hammond,” ‘New Sensation’ is perhaps quite unlike Hammond’s work with the Delta Riggs as it’s considerably more lo-fi and spontaneous yet upbeat at the same time.

The spontaneity of ‘New Sensation’ was born out of the Delta Riggs frontman’s amusement of doing a solo project in the first place.

“I didn’t really have a subject for it, I was just laughing about the audacity of releasing my own record and kept repeating to myself ‘I’m the New Sensation, another fool for validation’, which I thought was hilarious,” says Hammond in a press release.

“The rest of it is just me ad libbing about my life in fantasy over a 48 hour period – about not being ready or ever getting used to being some sort of public figure, being used by corporations to sell pre-paid mobile plans or pretending to respect simple idiotic dinosaur people just to elevate my career.”

As for how Drac Hammond came about, it happened like most new projects in 2020: COVID-19.

“My friend Reyne had a humble little setup in his bedroom in Bondi – where I was living at the start of the year – and we moved a heap of idle band gear in there because it was just sitting around,” recalls Hammond.

“I demo’d a song for the Riggs and Rudi, the other main songwriter for the [Delta] Riggs, didn’t think it fit on our next project. That’s when I started thinking more about this super lo-fi style of bedroom recording and how I could find a fresh voice in it”.

After recording drums for Hayley Mary and All Day, Hammond ended up recording over 20 new original songs for Drac Hammond, at least three of which will be released in 2021 and beyond.

In his own words: “I have at least the next three releases for this project in the bank, so I’ll keep releasing EP’s every six months until I die or my management lets me do an album.”

When it comes to the creative process, things are considerably different as a solo act compared to a band environment.

“The process is drastically different to what I’ve been doing with The Delta Riggs,” says Hammond. “Most of the time I head into record with no mapped-out plan or even any pre-written lyrics – something might have just happened to me that day that I put onto a track.”

“I also have way less instruments – or talent – at my disposal, so the production that goes into it is really stripped back. It’s very much an anti-structure situation. If there is a hint of agenda or expectation I’ll usually abandon the whole thing and go to the pub.”

One thing’s for sure, ‘New Sensation’ is a foot stomping banger that makes one mega excited to see what Hammond has in store next as part of this solo project.

Check out ‘New Sensation’ by Elliott Hammond: