After a few years spent captivating audiences with a pair of EPs and his distinctively insightful lyrics, Dominic Breen has shared his latest single, the impeccable ‘Lovelost’.

Since he first appeared on the scene back in 2018, Breen has been a hard-working staple of the Sydney music community, with two full-length EPs arriving over the last two years. Now though, Breen has his sights set on the next phase of his career, with a debut album on track to arrive in 2021.

Now, he’s given us the first taste of this record by way of new single, ‘Lovelost’. Produced and mixed by Tim Fitz of Middle Kids, Breen plays almost every instrument on this immediate new track (Fitz took on bass duties), which shows exactly why his is a name that has become synonymous with forward-thinking musicianship on the Australian scene.

“It’s a sad song in disguise,” Breen explains of ‘Lovelost’. “It’s a photo of Woe put through the Happiness filter. I wanted a song about hopelessness and uncertainty to sound bright and confident.”

“I think Dom is a singular voice in Sydney, a true artist and songwriter,” adds Fitz of Breen’s talent. “Every Dom Breen song has its own unique spirit.

“‘Lovelost’ has this howling frenetic energy, and an inner sensitivity. We wanted it to feel raucous, but also sweet. We wanted analogue sounds fuzzing out and breaking up, so we recorded a bunch of guitars through a tape recorder.”

While the track is set to be released on Wednesday, November 18th, you can give the track an early listen via the player below if you simply can’t wait that long. A stunning example of what is still to come from this magnetic and immersive artist, ‘Lovelost’ is another step forward in what is already an incredible and enviable career.

Check out ‘Lovelost’ by Dominic Breen: