Brisbane’s Dream Dali have returned with the clip for ‘Little Lights’, pushing the boundaries, and living up to their reputation as true surrealists.

For a little while now, Dream Dali have been a mysterious presence on the Aussie music scene, occupying the shadows and letting their music do the talking.

Having dropped ‘Hurt Me’ back in June, the enigmatic trio return this week with their latest single, ‘Little Lights’. As eclectic as it is alluring, the track features influences from gothic rock, krautrock, and even a heavy dose of psych.

Following the single’s premiere earlier this week, the group have now shared the video for ‘Little Lights’, and it’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from this stunning musical outfit.

Paying homage to their namesake of Salvador Dali, the clip for ‘Little Lights’ looks as if it could have been taken from the deleted scenes of Un Chien Andalou, with Dadaist clips helping to reflect the eerie vibe of the track.

Mix in out-of-context footage with some unsettling effects, and you’ve got a video you’ll need to keep on repeat to even come close to truly experiencing.

“The dada footage seemed to work well with the song’s theme and Dream Dali’s aesthetic,” explains guitarist and vocalist Aldous Emerson.

“We like how surrealism explores subconscious thought and deep emotions that can sometimes seem dark, but when looking into them can actually cause healing, especially with the expression of art and music.

“We gather and create a lot of the black and white surrealist art and visuals that you can see at our shows. We have synchronised footage and lights to try to create an atmosphere and feeling.”

With ‘Little Lights’ receiving its official debut later this week, Dream Dali are gearing up to play their first Brisbane show next week as part of the Library Group Records BIGSOUND party at the Greaser Bar on September 4th.

Considering that these musicians boast collective experience that has seen them gracing the stages at Coachella, Primavera, and SXSW, having played for artists such as Vera Blue, Daniel Johns, Kite String Tangle, and Miami Horror, and supporting the likes of Phoenix, Washed Out and Empire Of The Sun, you can be sure you’ll be in safe hands at a Dream Dali live show.

Check out the video for ‘Little Lights’ below, and keep reading for the details of the band’s Brisbane show next week.

Check out ‘Little Lights’ by Dream Dali:


Library Group Records BIGSOUND Party 2019

Wednesday, September 4th
Greaser Bar, Brisbane, QLD