Eli Greeneyes is back with another powerful anthem, this time sharing the video for the cathartic ’90s-influenced banger that is ’21’.

There are few songs out there which have the power, the energy, and the message needed to grab you by your collar, pull you in, and make you listen to every second, as you’re unable to tear yourself away from the majesty of what you’re hearing. For those lucky enough to give ’21’ by Eli Greeneyes a listen, then this is a scenario you’d be all-too familiar with.

A powerful, resounding track from the Melbourne artist, even a cursory listen of ’21’ showcases the Britpop influences at play, with his vocals sounding like a mesmerising mix of DMA’S meets YUNGBLUD. However, even with an almost joyous exterior, the message of the track is itself rather dark, with Eli noting how the track was written about “depressed and scared I was about living my life the way I truly wanted to at 21 years old”.

“At that age, I did the best I could, and will always be figuring it out,” he explains. “No one person is 100 percent buddha with all the answers. We’re all bit of a mess sometimes but I feel on the other side of that mess is a power that can’t be taught by being scared or worried all the time.”

Already on track to be one of the most notable releases of a terrible year, Eli Greeneyes has now backed the track up with a sun-soaked video clip, showing off the ’90s influences by way of his use of a fisheye lens. Made in collaboration with close friend Connor Maher and partner Alex Maher, Eli explains that the clip is what happens when you approach the video-making process with a sense of spontaneity.

“I have never made a multi shot video before (only one shots), so the video is  basically me not knowing what I’m doing and trying a whole bunch of angles and speeds of shooting,” he explains. “Just singing the song at the lens around the farm.

“I did have the shots planned-ish in terms of being slowed down or sped up, but that’s about as much planning that went into it…just a cool clip! I really like learning by just doing things I guess and getting my girlfriend or my mate to just point and shoot and see what happens.”

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Eli Greeneyes’ ’21’ is officially released tomorrow, but if you can’t wait that long, give it and its video clip a spin below!

Check out ’21’ by Eli Greeneyes:

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