Kenyan-born, Adelaide-based artist Elsy Wameyo has returned with another piece of stunning music, sharing the powerful and emotional ‘Outcast’ today.

For some time now, Adelaide’s Elsy Wameyo has been making waves in the Australian music industry. Having performed at the likes of Groovin The Moo, Laneway Festival, and much more, Wameyo’s rise has been gradual over the last few years, but her impact has been felt far and wide.

Having recently teamed up with Adelaide label Playback 808, Wameyo has today shared ‘Outcast’, the first single from her forthcoming EP, ahead of the track’s official release later this week.

A vulnerable, emotional track, ‘Outcast’ serves an observation of the mental struggles that exist within the African community; where one’s skin colour comes saddled with generations of cultural trauma.

Having emigrated to Australia from Kenya in 2006, Wameyo’s lyrics tell a deeply personal story, with downtempo beats and a gorgeous voice helping to provide an outlet of understanding for issues that are felt deeply within communities across Australia and abroad.

“I wrote this song because I see and feel the pain of being black,” Wameyo explains of the song. “Just another outcast.

“I too struggle to fit in but I don’t want to, and will not, conform. This message is for my black kings and queens, so that you may understand the significance, beauty and richness of your blackness.

“Don’t you ever forget who you are, where you come from. Your culture, your home.”

Having been nominated in the Best New Artist and Best World Music categories at the 2018 South Australian Music Awards, and captured the attention of artists including Lady Leshurr, Masego and the Hilltop Hoods, the release of ‘Outcast’ is undoubtedly another major step in an already-impressive career from this phenomenal artist.

‘Outcast’ is officially released on Friday, November 8th, though if you point your peepers downwards, you can give it a listen a few days early.

Check out ‘Outcast’ by Elsy Wameyo: