It’s often said that the best songs have the ability to completely overtake you with their sheer beauty and power. If that’s what you’re into, then Gem more than delivers the goods with her new track, ‘Malibu’.

If you’ve had your finger on the pulse of the world of electronic music, then the chances are good you already have Gem on your radar. Born in Australia but based in Los Angeles, the lauded producer and DJ has nabbed critical acclaim at every turn, with Showbiz Magazine labelling her as one of the top five female producers in the world to watch, and the Grammy NEXT program citing her as one of the top emerging producers for 2020-2021.

Scoring a number of award nominations for her covers album the2070s, Gem is now doing her own thing, offering up ‘Malibu’ as the first taste of an upcoming EP which is set to arrive later this year.

A nostalgic, meditative electro track that features warm synths and ’80s-era percussion, the track washes over you like an ocean wave as it unfolds and shows its true power. Mixed by Grammy winning Serve Courtois (LANY, Sasha Sloan, Loud Luxury) and mastered by multi Grammy award winning Dale Becker (Khalid, Macklemore, RÜFÜS DU SOL), the track was tuned to 432hz, the frequency known to align oneself with the universe.

“This song is my love letter to the universe, written with the intention of manifesting new love and produced in 432hz,” Gem explains. “I wanted to experiment with the powerful formula of frequency + intention = healing. What if producers could be the modern day shaman?”

Currently hunkered down in Australia with her family while a global pandemic rages on, the release of original music has allowed Gem to truly bare her soul and take the next step in her career.

“It feels like a coming of age in a weird way, to be stepping out from behind the desk and releasing original music that is my own,” Gem explains. “It definitely has a greater sense of vulnerability attached and at the same time it feels like I’m exactly where I need to be, letting my guard down and getting my true music out.”

If you’re liking what you’re hearing, check out ‘Malibu’ below, and be sure to keep an eye out for Gem’s new EP later in the year.

Check out ‘Malibu’ by Gem: