He’s one of the hardest-working musicians in the game, and now the mighty Oly Sherman has foregone any semblance of downtime to share the soulful new single, ‘Homeboy’.

Earlier this year, Oly Sherman shared his latest single, ‘Madness’. A track that Sherman described as “one of his most comforting songs”, the new tune came in conjunction with the announcement of a mammoth tour of the country which was set to see this hard-working artist play more than 30 dates.

Unfortunately, a global pandemic soon saw many of these dates postponed, though Sherman wasn’t content to let an unavoidable event stifle his plans to release new music, with the new single ‘Homeboy’ arriving this week.

A warm tune that showcases Sherman’s acclaimed vocal abilities while the indie-pop composition proves his musical versatility, the track sees the artist’s honesty and emotion shining through as he focuses on pressure, self-awareness and the ins and outs of a relationship.

“‘Homeboy’ is a song about being caught in an arduous place between expectations, relationships and self-awareness,” he explains. “‘Homeboy’ is a small window into my mental capacity and how I sometimes may deal with certain things.”

Featuring Ally McMahon on bass and Dan Natoli at A-Sharp Studios on mixing and mastering, ‘Homeboy’ is a masterful composition that shows just how a talented team worked together to create such a mesmerising tune.

“The actual making of Homeboy was a little bit vexing for me, as it induced the weird time I was going through,” Sherman added. “I feel really close to the lyrics and everything that I have written. As a finished product, I’m really proud of it, as it’s my most honest work to date.”

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While 2020 is already proving to be one of Oly Sherman’s strongest years to date, despite a global pandemic wreaking havoc on the whole music industry. Once restrictions lift, Sherman is looking forward to resuming touring, with big plans for a 40+ date national trek on the way.

In the meantime though, ‘Homeboy’ is set for release on Friday, May 29th, though you can give it an early listen below.

Check out ‘Homeboy’ by Oly Sherman: