Adelaide electronic indie outfit Openfire. have returned with another stunning track, sharing the clip to the exceptional ‘Wonderland’ today.

They’ve only been on the scene for a couple of years, but already Openfire. have managed to carve out the sort of niche in the Aussie music scene that many artists could only dream of. Releasing their debut album, Reverie, back in 2019, the group’s plans to charge headfirst into 2020 were undoubtedly stymied by a global pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped them kicking goals anyway.

Returning last month with their latest single, ‘Wonderland’, the South Aussie quartet – whose sound is as powerful as artists such as Tame Impala, Matt Corby, and Paramore, but with a more eclectic lean – had created a song which sees them embracing the fact that their goal to “inspire bravery and to show that we are all the same in our human experience”.

The end result is a stellar example of the self-produced brilliance that Openfire. have on tap, with soaring vocals and powerful instrumentation taking the listener of a truly amazing journey.

Not content to let the track speak for itself, the group have now offered up the official video for the single. Despite being presented as a lyric video, the CalvertFilm and David Cecil-directed clip sees a scenic narrative being utilised to help draw the viewer (and listener) in even further, and allowing themselves to get lost in the majestic world of Openfire.

For ‘Wonderland’, we really wanted to do something that would help immerse you deeper into the song,” explains Luka Sandeo. “We wanted you to see the vivid purple, to feel the descent into madness as a concept. The funny part is this video was only meant to be a simple lyric video… some slow motion movement, occasionally a band member’s face… but mostly a video about scenery and colours.

“The issue is that every time we went out to go and shoot something simple, the ideas kept coming and a couple of shots of nature ended up being shots of the band out at Mt Crawford Forest (which is really not close to any of the band)…and then there came an actual storyline, which then needed to be shot over multiple days including a night shoot with our brilliant cinematographer, Reece from CalvertFilm…safe to say the ‘simple’ lyric video idea went out the door relatively quickly!

“When you listen to the track, it carries an energy that longs to be seen,” he adds. “You already know that there are the neon lights, and you can feel the quickening of the heart and the shortness of breath in the song. I don’t think the video was ever going to be simple no matter how much we wanted to kid ourselves in the beginning…but we’re so happy with what we’ve created and we hope the song now comes to life for you even more so, just as much as it has for us.”

The end result indeed is something truly special, and presents itself as a clip which not only captures the true Openfire. experience, but allows the viewer to experience something truly special, in a way that only this South Aussie four-piece can deliver.

Check out ‘Wonderland’ by OpenFire: