The future of one of Melbourne’s more popular live music venues, St. Kilda’s Prince of Wales, has been up in the air since its sale to restaurant owners, who attempted to keep live music a strong part of the venue’s culture by hosting acts in their front bar.

Their reward? Getting shut down following noise complaints from residents. Those same residents that presumably moved into the affluent suburb of  St. Kilda because of the charm of the local culture.

Things looked particularly grim after the news that the original booker for the venue split, but despite their initial setbacks, the new owners and band-room bookers of the newly-christened Prince Public Par vowed that they would continue with their plans to launch free live music, and now, a new press statement cheers, “we can now safely say we’re ready to go!”

In the second piece of truly good news from St Kilda, following Pure Pop’s announcement of their Annadale-inspired ‘Buy A Brick’ campaign, the Prince Public Bar is officially back.

The statement from the soon-to-be-launched band-room reads: “We’ve had a couple of sound issues, but now the roof has been soundproofed, the stage and DJ booths are in, all we need is a pre-launch party – wait, we have that too!”

The launch of the new music site will be co-hosted by the Prince of Wales and The St Kilda Live Music Community, and set to kick off this Sunday 26th August (from 2pm) to celebrate the return of live music at the Public Bar with an open invitation to all local lovers of music.

Writing about the launch event, organisers say “there will be a massive SLAM style photo shoot and the music kicks off from 2.30pm. We have plenty of special guests heading down to celebrate the return of live music, so you’ll be sure to run into some local favourites.”

Like who? Bobby Valentine will be MC’ing the event, as well as playing a set along with the likes of Megan Bawden, Cold Harbour, Kim Volkman, Vic Meehan, Koooyah, Black Moll, Rosie Haden, 12FU, The Mercy Kills, Vice Grip Pussies and “a special group jam/supergroup to wrap up the night.”

It’s an encouraging upward turn for both the venue and Melbourne’s local music scene, obviously helped by the local councils’ change of  heart over live music, with the City of Port Philip’s Mayor ordering for greater communication between live music venues and the community to help develop local music culture.

It’s a positive change from the Fun Police tactics by residents and council members who previously seemed to be on a witch hunt to off live music venues, particularly fellow St Kilda venue Pure Pop Records.

Details for the new Prince Public Bar launch party are below and the venue have also promised more updates will be available from their newly-minted Facebook page, including the first round of new bookings.


WHO: Bobby Valentine, Megan Bawden, Cold Harbour, Kim Volkman, Vic Meehan, Koooyah, Black Moll, Rosie Haden, 12FU, The Mercy Kills, Vice Grip Pussies and many more!

WHAT: Pre-launch local music lovers party

WHERE: Prince Public Bar – 29 Fitzroy St, St Kilda

WHEN: 2:00pm Sunday 26 August – FREE!

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