Following Prince’s untimely death back in 2016, music fans were eager to hear all of the unreleased music that the purple one had stowed away in his vaults. Now, it looks like we’re even closer, according to a statement made by the late muso’s estate.

Back in February of 2017, it was announced that new albums of unreleased Prince music was set to be unleashed in June. However, despite a remastered and expanded edition of Purple Rain being released, none of this promised material was delivered as expected.

Now, in an interview with Variety, Prince’s estate adviser Troy Carter stated that new music was “coming soon”.

“He was a guy who practically lived in a recording studio, and once we started going through [the unreleased material] we really started finding some gems,” said Carter. “I heard some music the other night that was pretty mind-blowing and we’re getting some stuff mixed right now. We’ve got great projects in the works that I’m excited to talk about.”

“So the answer is yes, there will be unreleased Prince music coming soon,” he concluded, though refused to offer any more details as to when the music may be released, or what it may sound like.

The handling of Prince’s music has been a rather touchy subject since the musician’s passing, with lawyers stepping in at almost every chance to halt the release of any new material. In fact, the sheer fact that his music was made available on streaming services and YouTube should be considered a monumental achievement alone.

While there’s no date given as to when we’ll be hearing this “mind-blowing” music (or, let’s be fair, if we’ll even be hearing it), we can rest assured knowing that there are some folks out there actively doing heir best to ensure that Prince’s music is heard by the fans he loved so dearly.

Check out Prince’s ‘When Doves Cry’:

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