U.S. alternative rockers Puddle Of Mudd recently attempted to cover Nirvana’s ‘About A Girl’, and it took off as being wildly bad. Now, frontman Wes Scantlin has responded to the mockery of his vocals by saying that “jealousy is toxic, and toxic people are a waste of time.”

In January, Puddle Of Mudd featured live on SiriusXM covering a Nirvana song. For a long while, it went practically unnoticed in the internet world. However, with quarantine providing people with heaps of time for YouTube deep-diving, it resurfaced, and was subject to quite a bit of teasing.

Now, as singer Wes Scantlin has seen his cover go viral over the course of a week, he’s taken to Instagram to speak out about the recent, unwanted publicity.

“Rise above others who try and take you down…,” he begins, although comments popped up quickly that he should just “show some strength and admit” that the cover wasn’t good, where as others noted that people may have forgotten that Kurt Cobain used “to perform shows badly and on purposely shit,” and that it may have been the standpoint Puddle Of Mudd were trying to go with.

“I’m at my BEST NOW…,” Scantlin continues, “and that’s all that matters.”

In a final attempt to show that he’s trying to take the high road in the midst of the unpleasantness he’s received, he states: “I pray for all of you because we care. Jealousy is toxic, and toxic people are a waste of time. We walk away with nothing but a SMILE.”

If this sounds familiar, you might recall when Imagine Dragon copped a lot of criticism from The Smashing Pumpkins, Slayer, and Slipknot, inciting the band to release a statement that they didn’t feel angered by comments about their band, just upset.

“I wish it felt like a place where artists stood by each other and supported one another – regardless of our different tastes and voices,” Imagine Dragons stated.

Whichever way you want to view it, the cover Scantlin sang for SiriusXM features widely incoherent verses, and shows the singer straining to get the notes out, repeatedly, while the rest of the band looks on in confusion.

Check out Puddle Of Mudd covering ‘About A Girl’ by Nirvana:

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