Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin has diagnosed the root of his recent string of shoddy live performances. The butt rock partisan believes women are to blame.

Scantlin was recently subject to epidemic ridicule after delivering a truly abysmal cover of Nirvana’s ‘About A Girl.’ Instead of copping it on the chin, Scantlin has turned to women as a scapegoat.

During a recent interview with Reel Talker the Puddle of Mudd singer mused that spending sleepless nights knocking boots with women that “keep you up too late” has impacted his performance.

“11:00 p.m. comes around, you will find me sitting on an acoustic guitar,” he said. “I’ve had many, many, many of different type of woman that just try to rip me off the freaking acoustic, man and I just keep going and tell them to get the freaking heck out of my face.” He added, “So those bitches can fucking go suck it.”

It’s worth noting that the interviewer did not actually bring up Scantlin’s live performance woes, or subject him to the third degree on his late-night escapades. Rather, he asked an innocuous question about Scantlin’s experience penning rock songs for three decades. For some reason, the singer seemed hell-bent on airing his frustration towards these god damn girls.

“We’re constantly trying to rest our voices so we can perform well. And girls, man, they will keep you up, man — they will keep you up too late, too late. And whatever thingies they’ve got in their pockets, we don’t need that either,” he said. “So, yeah, the best thing to do is just kind of stick with the wolfpack — just hang with your pack and do not veer away from safety. And just stay focused, stay the course.”

At some point during his bizarre, pathological rant, Scantlin must’ve realized he was teetering on the edge of misogyny and promptly backtracked. “There’s nothing wrong with women. But you’ve gotta stay the course and you’ve gotta be a professional person,” he said. “Or else you’ll wake up and whatever chicks, they’re keeping you up and you don’t get no sleep and then you suck at singing.” Check out the interview below.

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