Many bands have created iconic brands of themselves by using logos. How familiar are you with the famous logos they have used?

The use of band logos has been beyond helpful over the years as a music fan. We can easily spot who we could get along with at a party by seeing a familiar logo on their shirt, or perhaps a patch on their bag or jacket, and it’s easy to represent a band you love by simply donning their logo.

Whether you’re more a fan of Black Flag, Rolling Stones, Nirvana, or Red Hot Chili Peppers, you have to agree that their logos have become iconic over the years.

With many logos even becoming parodies over the year, like Black Flag’s most recognisable artwork, one thing that’s hard to tell is if the person wearing the logo is really a fan, or just likes the design.

It’s often that you can encounter a person wearing a Joy Division shirt with their cover art from Unknown Pleasures, or someone sporting a shirt with the skull from Misfits album covers without the wearer even knowing a single song.

Regardless of how you come across these logos, they are extremely recognisable. From either being featured in each one of their album covers, to being on the cover of only one famous record, or even being created solely as art itself, it’s easy to remember a band based on their visual aspects.

So, how well do you know band logos? Do you have a lot of the iconic t-shirts in your closet? Whether you’re more a fan of punk or metal, or maybe just plain rock, you should be able to identify at least a few of these in one of our longest quizzes yet.

How well do you know the band logos?