We’ve seen a lot of great bands reunite these past few years, but there’s still heaps of ’em that have yet to reveal reunions. Which band would you like to see reunite?

Bands breakup…it happens. Whether it’s because they find themselves struggling to produce new music, band members fight, or it’s just a natural progression, we’ve lost many great outfits over the years to dreaded breakups.

Luckily, the past few years have met us with a good amount of bands reuniting. The long awaited return of My Chemical Romance was announced in November of last year, Genesis reunited for the first time in thirteen years in March, and many others have announced or hinted at reunions for this year.

However, we still await the reunions of many beloved bands, like Oasis. Although the two main men of the rock outfit are brothers, they seem the least likely to reunite, with Noel Gallagher refusing due to his brother Liam Gallagher’s Twitter feed, among many reasons.

Perhaps TISM is your most sought after reunion? Considering that they broke up after their first show in 1983, and every gig they played afterwards was technically a reunion show, we haven’t seen their masked faces grace the stage together since 2011.

Even though some of these bands have never even officially ‘broken up’, like Fugazi’s frontman Ian MacKaye reminds us, the American rock band hasn’t been active for about 15 years, now.

Are we likely to see any of these bands reunite in the future years to come? Hopes are high. With so many reunions occurring lately, that seemed almost impossible, there’s chances that one of these bands could hopefully reunite in the future. So, let us know which band you’d be most keen to see reunite!

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Which band would you be most keen to see reunite?