R&B and rap artist, Lang, was challenged by a United Airlines employee to a fight before knocking him out in this viral video on Twitter.

In a recent video originally posted by @DMNTnasa, the R&B and rap artist, @trllang, can be seen giving a United Airlines employee the work after being challenged multiple times by the employee.

In the first video Lang can be heard saying “You work here” twice before being slapped by the employee. Lang is shocked and turns to another person, saying, “Did you see that shit!?” The United Airlines employee then continues to taunt Lang, saying, “Do it harder.”

Lang then gives the employee a quick right hook to the jaw, sending them reeling back into the check-in station and onto their back after a second follow-up blow.

Lang can be heard saying, “I finish shit, I don’t start shit,” as the employee rolls around on the ground, fumbling, and slowly arising from their embarrassment. The employee then stumbles over to Lang again, who asks him, “Bruh, you want some more? He wants more!”

Lang talks to the employee for a moment, convincing them that they shouldn’t pick a fight with Lang and further before more employees come over to deescalate the situation. Lang tells them, “He works at the airport and he assaulted me.”

“Nah it’s too early”

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Curiously, artist Larren Wong tried to claim the clout for the incident at hand and quote tweeted the video with a caption that made it seem like he was trllang.

“Security had me bent glad someone caught this on film”

The person who was actually in the video, @trllang, was quick to call Larren out.

“struggling artist do anything for pennies @larrenwong


@iammsuzy, who often collaborates with Lang, jumped in to support Lang’s claims. Su’a also shared a screenshot that showed Larren blocked them.

“This man cappin for clout then blocks the actual person that’s in the video he’s claiming clout a hell of a drug huh @trllang

“how u start a fight w someone, get beat up to the point where ems gotta come do ur stitches on sight & somehow u get up saying the other person is weak lol the way ppl perceive things is funny asf”

Full thread of videos related to the fight

The first video in question is the shortest and only shows the slap and the moment the knockout happened.

“Airport Fight y’all think he deserved it?!”

The second video is the same as the one showed at the top of this article.

“Here’s the full video, still hard to see who started it first.”

This third video has a bit more footage at the beginning and shows the airport employee as still being the aggressor in the incident. Although the editing in this clip is a bit misleading and could lead the viewer to believe Lang to be the aggressor, if it is slowed down you can see that the airport employee is still throwing out the first blow. When inspected carefully, you can see the employee’s left hand come up to slap the side of Lang’s face before Lang quickly dodges and retaliates in defense.

“I posted the wrong one, here’s the video I meant to tweet out. Still doesn’t show the beginning of the fight”

Lang’s work can be viewed and supported here.

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