One of Australia’s most respected songwriters has released one of the most anticipated local records of the year: Tomorrowland from Kevin Mitchell’s Bob Evans moniker.

Having shared new single ‘Born Yesterday’ back in November and ‘Concrete Heart’ in February featuring harmonies from Stella Donnelly, we already knew Tomorrowland would be a triumph. Full of creative surprises and twists and turns, the album is also the most guitar-driven when compared to its five Bob Evans predecessors.

“I think this is the most electric guitar I’ve played on a Bob record. I pretty much had an electric guitar in my hand for every song,” said Kevin Mitchell.

Check out ‘Concrete Heart’ from Bob Evans:

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It goes without saying that Kevin Mitchell is an icon of the Aussie music scene these days. Whether it be with his work as the frontman of Jebediah since its formation back in 1994, or with his solo project Bob Evans, he’s penned one or two anthemic numbers in his time.

Tomorrowland is no different. Produced by Steven Schram (Paul Kelly, Kate Miller-Heidke), the album was spawned during covid-cursed 2020, two weeks before Mitchell and everyone else in Victoria went into that months-long lockdown.

Stream Bob Evans’ sixth album Tomorrowland below, then read up on why the team here at Tone Deaf love it so much.

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“Almost five years on from his last studio album under the Bob Evans moniker, Kevin Mitchell has made a more-than-welcome return with the majestic Tomorrowland, a masterful showcase of what is it that makes his voice an inimitable piece of the fabric of Australian music. Featuring instrumentation a little more electric (and songwriting a little more eclectic) than previous Bob Evans records, Tomorrowland is arguably one of his strongest efforts to dates, and one that will resonate for many years to come.”
– Tyler Jenke

“Kevin Mitchell’s sun-warmed new album,Tomorrowland, is buoyed by his rich, brilliant songwriting. Over eleven beautifully-crafted songs, Evans weaves stories on youth and love with a sense of untroubled nostalgia. Stella Donnelly lends her charming vocals to album highlight, ‘Concrete Heart’.”
– Geordie Gray