Sydney indie-rock trio Stumps have outdone all past accolades with the release of their debut album, All Our Friends.

Incredibly thoughtful, incisive and moving, the record brims with self-aware Brit-pop leanings and ’90s indie rock in this love letter to the world.

Produced by Fletcher Matthews and already hailed by triple j’s Declan Byrne and Bridget Hustwaite, All Our Friends draws you in with comparisons to Britain’s best as well as locals City Calm Down, but keeps you locked with its deep subject matter.

“I wouldn’t deny it’s a privilege to live in an area as idyllic as the Northern Beaches, but that coastal charm can be deceiving, and masks this dark underbelly of some serious societal issues,” explains vocalist and guitarist Kyle Fisher. “It’s this bleak contrast that inspired a lot of the lyrical content, particularly on songs like ‘I’ve Had Enough’.” 

Stream Stumps‘ debut album All Our Friends below, then read up on why the team here at Tone Deaf love it so much.

Stream Stumps’ album All Our Friends:

“They’ve been the talk of the town ever since they hit the scene a few years ago, meaning that anticipation for Stumps’ debut album was higher than it would be for most bands on the scene. As you would expect though, All Our Friends bursts out of the gate with the sort of confidence and energy usually reserved for bands who’ve been in the game for decades. Between soaring vocals and eclectic instrumentation, Stumps showcase what it is that have made them a vital addition to the Australian music scene over the last few years.”
– Tyler Jenke

“Across 12 sprawling tracks, Stumps have created a sublimely existential party album. At the risk of sounding contrived, All Our Friends feels like a necessary anecdote to the dizzying context of the world at large.”
– Geordie Gray


Mt. Pleasant
I’ve Had Enough
This Is Why We Fall Apart
Makes Me Alright
Laugh About It
Mouth Static
Culture Tourniquet
Conversation, Conversations
The Bore