It’s that time of year, folks; Record Store Day. The time when music fans and vinyl-lovers descend upon their local music store for their annual day of exclusive releases.

Having first kicked off back in 2008, Record Store Day has fast become something of an international holiday on the music-lover’s calendar.

With plenty of special releases hitting the shelves, vinyl fans and collectors come together to hit up independent stores around the world in hopes of finding this year’s most sought-after record.

Of course, we’ve already seen the annual list of special releases coming out on April 13th, so the question remains; what are Aussie retailers doing this year?

With Record Store Day just around the corner, we’ve spoken to record store owners all across the country, and in this edition, we’re chatting to Pete Curnovic of Beatdisc Records in Parramatta to find out more about the store, and what’s on offer this year.

Check out this year’s Record Store Day ambassadors:

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Getting to know you: Who are you? What’s your store?

My name is Pete Curnovic, owner of Beatdisc Records in Parramatta. I’ve been working at Beatdisc for 20 years now and the owner for 11 years.

We’re a tiny indie record store in the heart of Parramatta with a wonderful community of like-minded people.

How long has your store been around for?

The store opened in 1995!

Are there any certain genres you cater to at your store?

We stock most genres but we focus more on the rock, indie & heavy side, and dabble with everything in-between.

What has been the most memorable moment in the store’s history?

Back in 2015 a friend of ours, Seb Alvarez (SUPER OCHO), made a sweet little short film about our first 20 years – it was a very humbling process helping Seb and hearing all the positive stories about how much Beatdisc means to so many people.

Other highlights have been hosting some of my favourite artists for instore gigs: Jamie Hutchings, Hoodlum Shouts, High Tension, Camp Cope, We Lost The Sea, Jeff Rosenstock (US); the list goes on.

Also, more recently, we’ve been working with City of Parramatta to bring more live music to Parramatta in larger spaces!

The racks at Parramatta's Beatdisc Records
The racks at Parramatta’s Beatdisc Records

How did your love of music first begin?

An old mate at high school lent me Bad Religion’s All Ages. That was a game changer! Shortly after that I discovered indie record stores, then Beatdisc.

How did you get into the world of selling records?

I got a job at Hungry Jack’s, a stone’s throw from Beatdisc. Every lunch break I spent most of my pay and I always offered my help to the then owner, Vic Aird, and after a number of months asking for a job, Vic offered me a few hours casual and eventually a full time position.

Not long after that I was managing either the Penrith (now Repressed Records), or Parramatta store.

Thinking time: What’s your all-time favourite record?

It’s not fair, there’s too many! Here are three of my favourites off the top of my head. Bad Religion’s Against The Grain, Songs: Ohia’s The Magnolia Electric Co., and Bluebottle Kiss’ Doubt Seeds.

Check out Bad Religion’s ‘Modern Man’:

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Do you also dabble in the world of record collecting? Any ‘white whales’ you’re still trying to track down?

Absolutely! Tom Waits’ Bone Machine. Also, more-so Aussie albums that have never been pressed, such as all the Bluebottle Kiss albums and the first two Frenzal Rhomb albums (I have a feeling they’ll press these soon).

What have you got planned for Record Store Day this year?

Huge plans! A giant range of RSD Exclusive titles, a limited edition Beatdisc Coffee Mug, hundreds of newly processed LPs hitting the racks, thousands of CDs & 45s on tables out the front of the store, 20% OFF Audio-Technica turntables (new range), and mark-downs.

We’ll also have giveaways; including 2 A-T LP60 turntables, pizza at lunchtime for our customers, morning coffee van from 6am (1st 50 customers in line get a free coffee!) and just a great time partying and hanging out at your local friendly suburban record store.

We’ll be there from 9am to 6pm, and Sunday we will kick on with the turntable sale and tables out the front.

Please note though that we usually have a huge line for the RSD exclusive titles. As we have a tiny store, when you arrive, you will be given a number so you can pop off to the toilet or grab a quick bite to eat.

We try to make it as quick and pleasant experience as possible to prevent pushing and shoving in the store for the RSD exclusive titles.

Are there any releases you’re particularly excited for?

From the Australian list; The Mint Chicks’ Screens, The Loved Ones’ Magic Box, and The Hard Ons’ Harder & Harder.

From the US list; Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band’s Trout Mask Replica, X-Ray Spex’s I Am A Cliché, and Green Day’s Woodstock 1994.

Check out X-Ray Spex’s ‘Oh Bondage, Up Yours!’:

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Record Store Day 2019

Saturday, April 13th, 2019

Beatdisc Records
11/181 Church St, Parramatta, NSW
(Open from 9am – 6pm)

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