Recovery, the ABC’s beloved ’90s Saturday morning staple that defined an entire generation of Australian music fans, has been in the news a lot lately as the hosts celebrate its 20th anniversary.

A stage version of Recovery is presently in the works, as hosts Dylan Lewis and Jane Gazzo prepare to hit the ABC studios again this weekend for a huge Recovery special on Rage.

There’s also a Recovery DVD and CD box set on the cards for November. The DVD will feature live performance footage, a booklet of photos, and plenty of other goodies.

But all we want to know about is when it will be back on our tubes? Well, that may actually happen sooner than we think. As we know, Lewis and Gazzo have been pushing hard for a Recovery reboot.

But according to a report from FasterLouder, sources say the show may be back on TV as soon as next year. Gazzo told FL she and Lewis have been approached about the much hoped-for return.

“We’ve been approached,” she said. “We’ve got meetings on a potential TV return.” Nothing has been locked in just yet, but Lewis said the stage show could help the hosts and any producers out there “test the waters“.

For now, you can enjoy this weekend’s Rage special, which will feature live performances from the show, which Gazzo and Lewis curated together.